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Elevating Your Trailer Game with the JK60-G-NR200G 60mm Jockey Wheel

When it comes to trailer accessories, the 60mm jockey wheel plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth maneuvers and stability. DNL, a leader in this industry, introduces the JK60-G-NR200G, a 60mm jockey wheel that redefines excellence in trailer support.

Discovering the JK60-G-NR200G

1.Tube Type: 60mm

DNL JK60-G-NR200G boasts a sturdy tube construction, ensuring it can handle the demands of different trailer types with ease.

Steel Rim with Hot Dip Galvanization, Rubber Wheel (200x50mm)

What sets this jockey wheel apart is its high-quality rubber wheel, capable of supporting a static loading capacity of up to 500kg. The hot-dip galvanized steel rim adds an extra layer of protection, making it highly resistant to corrosion.

2.Length of Extension: 265mm

With an impressive extension length, this jockey wheel offers versatility and control during trailer maneuvers.

User-friendly Ergonomic Knob

The ergonomic knob design ensures effortless operation, preventing fatigue even during extended use.

3.Sleek and Strong Bracket Design

Innovation shines through the sleek bracket design, offering strength without unnecessary complexity. Simplicity meets reliability in this construction.

4.Stability-enhancing Tri-corn Rim

The tri-corn rim design further enhances stability, making it a dependable choice for trailers of all kinds.


The JK60-G-NR200G 60mm jockey wheel is highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of trailer types, including box trailers, horse trailers, flat trailers, caravans, livestock trailers, and commercial trailers. Qingdao DongLu Industries Ltd. demonstrates its commitment to providing top-notch solutions for various equipment and applications.


Qingdao DongLu Industries Ltd. raises the bar in the realm of trailer accessories with the JK60-G-NR200G 60mm jockey wheel. Its outstanding features, including a high-quality rubber wheel, hot-dip galvanization, ergonomic design, and stability-enhancing elements, make it a reliable choice for trailer enthusiasts. Whether you’re towing a box trailer, horse trailer, or caravan, this jockey wheel elevates your trailer game. Count on its durability and convenience to enhance your trailer maneuvers and ensure a smoother, more enjoyable towing experience.

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