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Innovative In Vitro Diagnostic Solutions: Sansure Biotech’s Iponatic 3

Sansure Biotech continues to push the boundaries of in vitro diagnostic solutions with its groundbreaking Iponatic 3. This innovative portable molecular workstation is designed to deliver rapid and accurate results, transforming the way healthcare professionals diagnose and treat patients.

Unparalleled Speed:

With the Iponatic 3, Sansure Biotech places a premium on speed. The workstation’s fully automated rapid testing process enables healthcare providers to obtain in vitro diagnostic results within an impressive timeframe of 15 to 45 minutes. This quick turnaround time empowers clinicians to make informed decisions promptly, leading to more efficient patient management and improved outcomes.

Comprehensive Testing Solutions:

Recognizing the need for comprehensive in vitro diagnostic solutions, the Iponatic 3 offers an extensive menu of tests. It caters to different pathogens and can be utilized in various settings, including medical laboratories, emergency rooms, and remote areas. This versatility enables healthcare professionals to address a wide range of diagnostic needs and ensures timely and accurate results for patients.

Advanced Technology:

The Iponatic 3 incorporates advanced technology to enhance the diagnostic process. It features wireless connection modules and a large smart screen, facilitating seamless sample processing and result interpretation. The workstation’s user-friendly interface and compact design further contribute to its efficiency and ease of use.


Sansure Biotech’s Iponatic 3 represents a significant leap forward in in vitro diagnostic solutions. Its emphasis on speed, comprehensive testing solutions, and advanced technology make it a valuable tool for healthcare professionals. By providing rapid and accurate results, the Iponatic 3 contributes to improved patient care and outcomes, marking a new era in the field of in vitro diagnostics.

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