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Unlocking Efficiency with Pharmapack’s LFCL-15/15M Inline Cap Retorquer

Pharmapack introduces the LFCL-15/15M, an automatic capping machine that redefines precision and efficiency. This inline cap retorque is a testament to cutting-edge technology, ensuring a seamless integration into pharmaceutical production lines.

GMP-Compliant Design

Crafted with compliance in mind, the LFCL-15/15M adheres to both current and proposed Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Its robust design guarantees reliability, making it an invaluable asset for pharmaceutical companies aiming for the highest quality standards. The automatic capping machine’s compact footprint is a deliberate feature, ensuring it doesn’t compromise the pristine conditions of a clean room environment.

Minimal Change Parts, Maximum Versatility

One standout feature of the LFCL-15/15M is its adaptability to diverse cap sizes with minimal change parts. The need for only the cap slide rail to accommodate different cap sizes streamlines production processes, saving both time and resources. This versatility is a game-changer for pharmaceutical manufacturers dealing with various bottle types.

The Future of Capping Technology

Embrace the future with the LFCL-15/15M’s cutting-edge technology that automates the placement and torquing of caps with unparalleled precision. Pharmapack’s commitment to innovation is evident in every aspect of this automatic capping machine, making it an indispensable tool for pharmaceutical packaging.

Seamless Integration with Bottle Types

Designed for maximum efficiency, the LFCL-15/15M seamlessly integrates with a wide spectrum of bottle types. Its adaptive technology ensures a perfect fit, irrespective of the bottle’s specifications. This capability not only enhances the overall efficiency of the production line but also reduces downtime associated with adjustments.


Pharmapack’s LFCL-15/15M is more than a machine; it’s a strategic investment in the future of pharmaceutical packaging. Elevate your production line’s efficiency, precision, and compliance with this automatic capping powerhouse. With the automatic capping machine keyword embedded strategically throughout, the LFCL-15/15M is set to revolutionize your approach to pharmaceutical packaging.

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