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Unveiling the Excellence of Duotts: Your Ultimate Ebike Brand

With a commitment to providing a unique and exceptional online shopping experience, Duotts is revolutionizing commuting solutions with its high-performance electric bikes. Let’s delve into the remarkable features that make Duotts the go-to eBike brand for enthusiasts.

Crafting Excellence in Design

Duotts takes pride in its electric bike lineup, including the C29, F26, and S26 models. Each model boasts a unique blend of minimalist and stylish design, emphasizing agility, maneuverability, and aesthetic appeal. The lightweight aluminum framework of the C29 ensures a dynamic aura, while the integrated design of the F26 enhances its stylish exterior. The S26, crowned as the king of off road performance, showcases an aluminum alloy muscular body exuding absolute strength.

Unleashing Power and Performance

Duotts electric bikes are not just about style – they pack a punch in terms of power. The F26, equipped with front and rear 750W motors, tackles inclines with a maximum angle of 55°, ensuring a powerful and stable ride. The S26, dedicated to off road performance, features dual controllers for versatility and flexibility, conquering diverse road conditions with ease. These bikes are not just means of transportation; they are a testament to the raw power of electric mobility.

Agile Freedom on Electric Scooters

Duotts doesn’t stop at electric bikes – the D66, D88, and D99 electric scooters redefine agility and power on two wheels. The D66, a lightweight scout, effortlessly glides through the city with its 3600 watts powered by a 24Ah battery. The D88, with 5600W motors, conquers various terrains like a beast navigating through the forest. The D99, equipped with a 6000W motor and a 42AH battery, emerges as the conqueror king, stronger and faster than ever before.


In conclusion, Duotts emerges as the unrivaled choice for those seeking a blend of style, power, and innovation in their electric two-wheelers. With a diverse lineup of electric bikes and scooters, Duotts caters to the needs of riders who crave an exceptional riding experience. Explore the world of Duotts, where every ride is a journey filled with excitement and unmatched performance. Choose Duotts – your ultimate eBike brand.

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