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New88 – Chan Van Van – Learn about folk card games

Defend ten thousand words is a traditional game revered as a form of northern folk entertainment in the past. Currently, this game has been developed into an online game by game publishers. Together NEW88 Learn about how to play as well as the features that the game brings.
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What is Chan Van Van?

Defend ten thousand words This is a name that will certainly be very strange to many young Vietnamese people, but in fact, this is a game in the Northern world that was quite popular in ancient times. Because of the same origin, the way to play Quite similar to To Tom.

The deck of blocking cards includes 100 cards and is drawn from 120 To Tom cards. In the set, there are 4 chi chi plants, the remaining plants all have their own names. On the card, the right side is written, the left side is the letter. To recognize the cards quickly, you should first recognize the numbers from two to nine.

Versions ten thousand words Online games currently on the market have been greatly improved to reduce difficulty and increase attraction to players without losing its roots.

In each game there will be up to 2 – 4 participants, each person will find pairs of cards and shields to win, and will play away the junk cards. The purpose of this game is for the cards to be round and have a high score.

Each player participating must use a lot of memory and thinking ability to review the cards and build a suitable strategy for themselves.

Terminology in the literature

There is a lot of terminology in the game ten thousand words that you need to understand:

  • Sure: This is a pair of cards that are similar in both quality and number.
  • Che: A pair of cards with the same number, but different suit.
  • Three heads: This is the way to call a combination of 3 cards of the same number but different suits.
  • Odd cards: Cards that are neither cover nor hole, these are odd cards.
  • Poke: The remaining cards after dealing will be placed in the middle for players to pick.
  • Eat: When picking up this card, it can help you form a shield or scratch to eat other people’s cards.
  • Check: If you own 3 identical cards and under the check there are 3 identical cards like you have, you can take any number.
  • Tearing the door: This is the operation of playing back a piece on the door you just showed

How to play Chan Van Van

After knowing the terms of the game ten thousand words Then NEW88 will introduce how to play this sport:

  • Each game will have 2 – 4 players, each person will have 19 cards, the remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table, also known as the pile.
  • When the cards are dealt, each person will pick up 1 card to choose the first player. The order of play will be in a circle starting with the first player.
  • The person whose turn it is to play will pick 1 card, then take out the card they intend to play and place it in the lead. If you pick a card that can create a block or a fight, you win. At this time, the card you just picked will be placed in front of the player and the card in your hand will be placed face up on the card you just picked, then move on to another card.
  • Players are allowed to fold and win the hand if the deck has one or more shields.
  • When playing cards, each person will have to separate the blocking and scratching part, the remaining part will be calculated as odd points.

What should you keep in mind when playing Chan Van Van?

Notes when playing ten thousand words that you should know to avoid:
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  • When playing games ten thousand words The important and necessary factor is to train yourself to concentrate when playing. This helps you get an overview of the hand and come up with the most suitable ways to play.
  • In addition, players should focus on attacking to always fight in an active position. One way to play is to force the opponent to play the same card if the opponent is the first or has not played any cards. Such suppression also helps you find your opponent’s loopholes when they are confused and play the cards you want.
  • Find experienced players or learn how to play from the web to play more and more professionally. However, when choosing a website, you should also be selective and avoid places that teach fightingten thousand words trick because it doesn’t always work.
  • Errors in hanging pictures and errors in spreading wallets will cause players to not be able to score points.
  • Errors of skipping cards, scratching, tearing cards, breaking cards, breaking cards, etc. These are mistakes that make it very easy for you to be punished when you make them.

Defend ten thousand words – Attractive Northern folk game, the way of playing is different from other card games, from the rules to the way of playing, it’s all very strange and special. So to play effectively and win big, please refer to my articlecasino NEW88  Okay, I hope this article will help you solve your problems and things you don’t know about ten thousand words and finally wish you good health and luck.

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