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Transform Your Near Field Measurements with Sunyield’s SPR-Scanner

Sunyield, a trusted provider of advanced measurement solutions, introduces the SPR-Scanner, an innovative planar near field scanning system developed by Sunvey Technologies. Designed with an ultra-high precision electrical motion control system and mechanical drive system, the SPR-Scanner revolutionizes near field measurements. Its adaptability to probes of different frequencies enables ultra-wideband measurement capabilities, extending even to millimeter wave frequencies for advanced testing needs.

Unleash Unprecedented Precision in Near Field Measurements

Sunyield’s SPR-Scanner is engineered to deliver unmatched precision in near field measurement technology. The ultra-high precision electrical motion control system and mechanical drive system work in harmony to ensure accurate and reliable measurements. With this system, businesses can have confidence in the data they obtain, allowing for precise optimization of antenna designs and performance enhancements.

Enhanced Efficiency with Frequency Flexibility
The SPR-Scanner by Sunyield offers enhanced testing efficiency through its flexible frequency capabilities. Supporting a wide frequency range and enabling testing up to 90GHz through different link schemes, businesses can evaluate the performance of high-frequency antennas with ease. Additionally, for frequency bands below 18GHz, the SPR-Scanner supports multi-probe testing, significantly optimizing test efficiency and reducing the time required for individual tests.


Sunyield‘s SPR-Scanner is a game-changer in the realm of near field measurements. With its ultra-high precision technology and adaptability to different probes, businesses can unlock unprecedented precision and versatility in their testing processes. Trust Sunyield to deliver cutting-edge solutions that transform your near field measurements, enabling you to optimize antenna designs and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving industry.

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